Quick Magic

Quick Magic - If like me you have a mini football team to organise, a mini zoo to sort and a phone that knows exactly when you’re about to sit down for a sip of cold coffee then carry on reading. Being a witch is no easy path, we have all seen Sabrina chant a few words flick a finger and boom all is done, or Bonny mutter an incantation and bam the world is saved. If only, I have tried to light my candles a million times with a click of my fingers and all I get is blisters! Creating magic takes time, patience and preparation. This is where a lot of us get frustrated because as much as we would love to walk around the forest all day bare foot foraging and creating nature art (there are a few lucky witches who can) life has to go on. Most witches nowadays are mums or dads with full time jobs and a house to run. When we get a day off we spend it tidying up the pit we call home and tackling the mountain of clothes that grows higher on a weekly basis. We grab a quick glance at our moon calendar and make a mental note of the phase, counting down the days to the one we need for ’that’ spell or preparing to get our crystals out for cleansing. If we‘re lucky we’ll remember to create moon water or collect our herbs for drying, planting, cooking. This is where quick magic comes in, it doesn’t take a huge time to plan, you probably have most of the things you need in your home and you can do some of with whilst you have a vacuum in one hand and a spoon in the other. Here are few of the spells you can create with the minimal of ingredients or time required.

Steam spell - The next time you are in the shower or cooking in the kitchen and your mirror or windows are steamed up draw a Sigil with your finger to manifest what you are in need of (a new job, help to pay the bills, protection) if you can draw a sigil you can simply write a word. As the water particles disappear your manifestation will be realised.

Freezer Spell - when you need to bind someone to stop them hurting you or someone else you can freeze them, as much as I would love to shove some people in a freezer it’s just not the done thing and it will get you in a whole heap of trouble not to mention lack of freezer space! For this spell you will need;

a freezer bag or empty jar




Write the name of the person you need to bind on the piece of paper, pop it into the freezer bag or jar and fill it up with water. Make sure the bag or jar is sealed and place it in the freezer. As the water freezes the paper the person will be bound.