Samhain in Lockdown

Hello my lovely people, I hope you are all merry and well.

This year has certainly been a testing one, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since the year started and I said to my husband ‘I wonder what 2020 will bring?’

From forest fires, floods, fierce storms, super sized bugs and killer viruses, if someone had sat down several years ago and said ’lets make a film and base it in 2020’ I don’t think they would ever imagined up half of what has happened! Lockdowns have occurred all over the world, friends and family have not been able to meet, people have not been able to get outdoors.

As a witch the lockdown at the beginning was very stressful, my whole family thrives in the outdoors, we love to visit the sea, rivers, forests and woods, all of those things were not reachable for us as we live in the city. At first I felt like I was going to struggle with it, how was I going to ground myself when I felt the need to, what would I do when I needed to connect with nature, how could I collect things I use in my practice or on my alter? I had two choices, I could stop my practice or I could change the way I practiced, I obviously chose the latter. The lockdown actually helped me in my journey, I have never really been an active social media user but I decided to join more groups, I signed up to mentor other witches, I launched my own business and along the way I have met some lovely people. I have always been a solitary witch but all of a sudden I have lots of brothers and sisters that I can call upon if I need to bounce ideas around, I have been able to share my experiences and spells with other witches, something I would never have done previously.

Through connecting with people online I have still been able to practice my craft, I have still been able to connect with nature, I have been able to learn from other people all over the world. I have also learnt that been true to myself is refreshing and healthy.

As we face more uncertainty over the next few weeks and months we will all face more challenges and bumps along the road, the next one for me is Samhain, it is my favourite time of the year, the one festival I really enjoy. Samhain is a fire festival and is also commonly known as ’The Witches New Year’ It marks the end of harvest and the beginning of the dark months. In ancient times hearth fires were left to burn out during harvest, once harvest was complete along with the Druids the community would light a huge bonfire, people would take a flame from the bonfire and take it home to reignite their hearth fires. During Samhain it is believed that the veil Between this world and the other world are at its thinnest and that people can pass over back into this realm. The idea of dressing up (a practice now adopted at Halloween) was to fool the fae, sidhs and other creatures that you had also passed over or that you was an animal and therefore they would leave you alone. Samhain, unlike Halloween, is a 3 night and 3 day celebration, during this time alters are decorated with things such as pumpkins, fruit, vegetables, skulls, grace dirt etc. Ceremonies include sprinkling cider onto the ground to give thanks for its bounty, breaking bread and sharing a feast with family past and present, a straw deity can also be made from garden twigs and leaves in the form of the Winter Kind or The witch as a Crone, the Deity is brought into your house and left there for the full season. There are lots of ways to celebrate Samhain and these change from region to region and countries around the world.

We usually have a party and play the part for the local children who knock for trick or treats, this year we have had to cancel the festivities with the family and my little muchkins are not happy about it, but I plan on doing things a little different this year.

As well as been a blue moon on 31st October it is also the first time since 1944 that the moon has been full at the same time across all time zones, I plan on making some more moon water and recharging all of my crystals, the hubby has made me a tripod for my cauldron, I have some new recipes to try and my alter is about to change. This year I am taking kitchen witchcraft outside, the girls are going to help me cook up a spell with the intention of love and protection for all of our family, the boys are going to make offerings for our family past and we still plan on having fun (and if the weather doesn’t play ball, we will get the gazebo out). So as Samhain approaches and we prepare to release 2020 into the history books I wish each and ever one of you a blessed new year and good health. Who knows when we are free to move around again I may even get to meet some of you in person. Blessed be friends 💚

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