Rosemary - The magical herb

Most of you will have come across rosemary at some point in your life, whether it is in food, cosmetic products, home scents or growing in your garden. Rosemary is an amazing herb and has so many great uses. It has beautiful blue flowers when in bloom which the bees love.

It has been used for centuries and can be found all over the world. It is a very hardy herb and thrives even when pruned regularly. If cared for properly and protected from the cold it can survive for many years. It is also easy to take cuttings for new plants. Taking a sprig and placing it in water until roots develop.

Almost every witch will have this herb growing nearby, in their garden or in a herb pot. It is a multifunctional herb and like a white candle it can be used in spells as a substitute for any other herb.

Rosemary appears in many religions and folklore. It was once said that if a house had a well established rosemary bush growing then the house was ruled by the lady. There must have been a few disgruntled husbands!

It is also said that rosemary flowers were once white but as the virgin Mary placed her blue cloak onto the bush the flowers turned blue to match the cloak.

There are many uses for this herb;

Used for protection if you plant rosemary next to your door it will help ward off negative energies and unwanted visitors.

It can be dried and used in smudge sticks around the home for protection and cleansing. When drying rosemary it is best to place on kitchen towel or hang upside down in a warm dry place. If it is allowed to remain moist it will start to decompose.

It is particularly useful in aiding memory, smelling a sprig of rosemary or using rosemary oil on your pulse points during study can help you remember what you are reading and assist in exams.

Placing a few sprigs of rosemary under your pillow can help to stop nightmares and help you recall your dreams in the morning.

It is known to have prosperity properties and is a useful herb to use when starting a new business or attending a job interview.

It is associated with loyalty and fertility and is often used in handfasting ceremonies.

Taking a rosemary infused bath is said to aid in the relief of aches and pains.

Bake rosemary bread with the intent of providing your family with good health.

Rosemary is edible and is found in many foods however taking large quantities of rosemary can have nasty side effects and it is not advised to ingest rosemary oil.

Rosemary is a masculine herb.

It is ruled by the Sun (although some people including myself believe it is also ruled by the moon) and Venus.

Its element is fire.

As mentioned above rosemary is also a money herb and helps to attract wealth to you. We all dream about being rich and as a witch I have been asked many times why I can't cast a spell to win the lottery or to find a large sum of money? Can you imagine if that was the case, there would be hundreds of millionaire witches all over the world! Casting a money spell is not about greed but about what you need, The following spell is from my book of shadows and will help you out in times of need.

A rosemary money pouch spell

You will need

1 small pouch (preferably in green or white) or a small muslin square.

3 coins of large denomination

Rosemary leaves (dried)

1 piece of malachite

Green ribbon

1 green or white spell candle (a white tealight is fine if you have nothing else)

Light the candle and lay your items on your alter. If you wish to call upon a deity or a guardian then do so now (but remember to give them an offering at the end of the spell).

As the candle burns place the rosemary, coins and malachite inside of the pouch. Tie the pouch shut with the green ribbon whilst saying the following;

Money comes to me with ease,

I only take that which I need,

My money worries have all gone,

Bring forth to me with harm to none.

Leave the pouch on your alter until the candle has burned out (never leave a naked flame unattended). Carry the pouch with you or place in your office to attract money to you. The pouch can be recharged under the moonlight. Once the pouch is no longer needed bury it and give thanks for its help.

I hope you enjoy looking into the many uses of rosemary and how it can form part of your magic. Blessed Be ❤

Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice, It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on this Site. Always seek medical advice before using herbs or essential oils if you have known allergies, known medical conditions, taking prescribed medication, you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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