Blessed Lughnasadh

Happy Lughnasadh people, as the summer starts to go to sleep and autumn begins to wake we take the time to reflect on the year so far and which path to choose moving forward.

We offer thanks for our harvest and that which the earth has blessed us with. Lughnasadh also known as Lammas is the celebration of our first harvest. Lughnasadh is traditionally celebrated on August the 1st, it is a Celtic pagan celebration or feast often associated with the god Lugh. Over the years it has become intermingled with the church celebration Lammas which literally means Loaf mass. You will often see rituals and spells including loafs and the baking of them at this time of the year, both versions give thanks for the harvest we have been blessed with and the life it will provide over the coming dark months.

Some things you can do to celebrate Lughnasadh:

Make a corn dolly, these were kept over the winter months to offer protection and the ears of corn were then replanted in the spring to bless the new crop.

Bake a loaf of bread, there is nothing better than the smell of fresh baked break and the taste of it when it just comes out of the oven with butter spread over it 😋

As you bake the loaf give thanks for the harvest fill it with love and light and share it with your family.

Take some new time - we all need a break occasionally, even if it’s an hour in the bathroom soaking in a hot bath without little people deciding they need a bath too! light some candle, place crystals of oranges, reds, browns and yellows around you. Add some of your favourite oils to the bath and just sit, think about all that you have achieved, how you have grown over this year, things that no longer serve you purpose and how you intend to move forward over the coming year. Or just let your mind drift and let your senses soak up the feelings of the water, light and scents!

As well as giving thanks for the harvest this is the perfect time for having a mental sort out. Decide what is in important in your life, are you following the right path, is something boggling at you telling you that you need to change direction? Have you been holding on to things or feelings that are no longer useful and are holding you back? It‘s time to declutter!

This year I celebrated completely different, my husband and I were lucky enough to get a few precious days away, we stayed in an eco lodge on the canal side surrounded by trees and animals. We sat by the log burner and talked about our journey so far, how so much had changed and that the plans and dreams we made several years ago are no longer relevant to our lives. Unfortunately as much as we would like to lead the simple life and escape the rat race it is just not the right time. We decided that we will set that way of life as our main goal and choose to take the path that will get us there, a sense of peace washed over us both and we were able to just enjoy our surroundings, whittling wood and drawing.

As well as mentally making a decision to grow and change our direction I wanted to mark my growth and path choice physically, so I opted for a tattoo, it is worth noting that I am a wuss when it comes to pain, I had an idea that I liked for around 2 years but had never had the guts to get it done!

I was lucky enough to get studio time with Clara Lupino, an amazing freehand tattooist. She was so lovely and seemed to know what I wanted without me even telling her. Her manner was so relaxing and reassuring, so off I went to sit on the bed in the studio. Once she started my ‘little’ tattoo all of a sudden started to morph in my mind, I could see it growing as I had over the last few years, as Clara was tattooing me I was asking if she could add this in and that in, she was amazing and so accommodating. Both Clara and the hubby were laughing as I had been so worried about the pain and here I was asking for more artwork to go up my arm!

After 4 hours of inking my vision in my head was now on my arm, I am overjoyed with it and it means so much to me each little piece means something to me and shows how I have grown and I am still growing. The only down side is it hurts like hell now 😂 I’ll post nicer pictures once it’s healed!

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